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Love(d) You (Warning: Explicit)

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Today marks a week of death
just as the week before
the grave is dug and I’m supine
upon its earthy floor
once azure skies are oil black
and the clouds refuse to float
all for you this mechanical pause
like my love you learned by rote
my mind is sunk in pain
beneath the water stinging cold
that’s filled this hole here from my death
from the day my soul was sold
sold to love and living bound
by cages rusted red
from a pair-too-many sodden lips
spitting words that said
I love you
I love you
I’m leaving

You left me for the shopping malls
of meretricious dreams
and sure is hell is hot with fire
your ends betrayed their means
the sheets on which you’ll never fuck
are the ones that hold these words
and with them I will walk alone
as you gather in your herds
now the question that is always posed is
whether to commit
to another cage or this here grave
or instead rise from it
the lucky choice that this earth bares
between us and I
now offered me a second time
I choose to survive
saying I loved you
I loved you
I’m leaving