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Picture This Summer Day (Warning: Explicit)

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this is wrong
what’ve I done
where did I get this gun
am I awake
for god’s sake
I’m caked and stained with blood
and you’re gone
your dead-eyed stare
and your skin so cold and wan
in my arms
my aching arms
once held you
we dwelled
our fantasy it swelled
we would run
t’wards the sun
to a distant flowery nell
oh Belle
what have I done

A storm
is this the norm
one thunder strike and I’m back in the Iraq war
in the corps
where fire rained
and my blood it stained the floor
what for
these pills I pop
ain’t doing shit anymore
and now you’re
another casualty of this war
that’s it
I’m done
I killed the only one
who believed
in me
so I’ll take this wretched gun
and with the chamber spun
point the barrel at me