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Among the Overgrown

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Out east in Appalachia, among the overgrown
strode a boy with pure intent to find just where he belonged
he left his mama, papa one bright summer
on his own to find
eyes to see and a tongue to talk
at his back a breeze
as he walked the line
woohoooo oooohh
woohoooo oooohh
Packed bag slung swung heavy on his back
filled to burst with books, only clothes he took
were the sweat stained ones that poorly clung
to his aching back

he came quick upon a slick preacher man
he said hey young man have you heard of god’s plan
there’s a savior on this planet
here’s a book to help you plan it
as you look for answers
he said give your life to christ
the only path to salvation is self sacrifice
and with this humbling feat
death becomes obsolete
there’s a promise of eternal life
life, life, life

kept moving on, he walked along still going alone
down dirt roads, and crooked highways
all away from the rising sun

through Tennessee on to Arkansas
he happened on a woman in a wooden lodge
chimney spoke with smoke,
she had a smoke and spoke
talking over the howl of the hungry coyotes
woohoooo ooooohh
woohoooo ooooohh
long back very many clock ticks ago,
t’was a lion’s den full of confident men,
who saw it fit to show that no beast or foe
could ever conquer them

But with something prove they were doomed to die
too busy trying to catch an admiring eye
while the lions had nothing but themselves in mind
I think you know how it ends

She gave a wink and said goodbye
only on yourself can you rely
don’t hope and open for this big wide world to
push you up to rise
and rise, and rise, and rise

On a blue black night under hissing stars
on the doorway’s edge of a blue boxcar
he sat and thought he ought not
be thinking so goddamn much

just then a scream pierced the night
he peered out into the cold moonlight
saw a frightened woman bound to the rail
as the train let its whistle wail
whoo hoo ooh
whoo hoo ooh
he knew right away this was life or death
if he tried to save her he may take his last breath
he heard the voices of his travels singing contradictions
forcing him to fortify his brand new convictions
lest christ convict him or he be a victim
as the voices grew louder
he just knew to evict ‘em
while his mind was clear
he was shown forthright
that he had to adhere
to what he knew was right
right, right, right